Uber has revolutionized the transportation industry, completely changing the way we travel. Of course it is simpler and more convenient, but many aspects are completely different than what we are use to, which can be confusing.

Here are a few things you need to know about being an Uber rider:

Uber Drivers Use Their Own Cars:

Drivers are considered independent contractors. Unlike with a taxi service, the company does not provide the car they use, instead they are using their personal vehicle. It is important to keep this in mind. Avoid eating messy items in their car or spraying cologne or perfume. Ask before bring a pet in their car or smoking.

You can still expect a certain level of comfort during your ride, after all you are paying for a service. So if you do not like the music or you want the air or heat on, those are perfectly reasonable requests.

You Should Tip Your Driver:

For some reason, tipping Uber drivers has been a bit controversial. But Uber drivers make very little. And since they are using their own car, they are responsible for all wear and tear and maintenance to the vehicle. In addition, you usually pay considerably less for an Uber than for a taxi, and you would still expect to tip a taxi driver.

Ratings are Important:

After your ride, you can rate your drive on the app. You may not realize how important these are to the driver. In fact, if a drivers rating drops below 4.6 (which really is not that low) their account could be deactivated, the equivalent of them being fired. So unless you had a truly horrible experience, consider leaving a 5 star rating.

Your driver is not the only one who gets a rating on Uber. That’s right, the rider also receives a rating from the driver. A low rating in almost always due to not tipping, though can also be due to inconsiderate behavior. A rider with a low rating will have difficulty getting a ride. As independent contractors, drivers can turn down riders, and likely will if the rider has a low rating.

Know Your Destination:

Make sure you have the address of your destination. Don’t expect your driver to know where it is, even if you consider it to be a well known location. And definitely don’t expect your driver to rely on your turn by turn directions. This can be very nerve wrecking, and may end up making your trip longer and more costly.

Avoid Surge Pricing:

Uber prices are constantly changing. At certain times the prices may double or triple during times of high demand in your area, for instance if a concert just let out. If you are not in a hurry, you can simply wait and you will see a dramatic drop in fares.

Written by Emily

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