Uber drivers are one of the newest divisions of the service industry, but for some reason, Uber drivers rarely receive tips! As a general rule of thumb… you tip anyone who is doing you a service. Last time I checked, the fact that I am giving up my personal time with my family to make ends meet and give you door to door car service should earn me a tip, just like a taxi driver does. I work hard to be on time, have a clean and reliable vehicle, and deliver you safely an in a timely fashion to your destination. That combined with the fact that a larger company takes a percentage of the total fares I collect certainly earns my job a spot on the list of industries that should earn tips. What I think most people overlook is the fact that your driver pays for his or her own gasoline, their own vehicle repairs, tolls and any other costs that they incur with being an Uber driver. Any tips go to directly supporting your driver continue to support their family as well as continue to provide this service that you enjoy using.

As a general rule of thumb (as in any service industry) you should tip 20% of your total rides fare. Different ride services have varying policies as to how they can accept tips. Some allow the tip to be added through the app on the credit card listed on file (ex. Lyft), others require cash if you intend on tipping (ex. Uber). I always suggest that individuals going out for the night that are going to be encountering multiple scenarios where tipping may be applicable to always carry cash just in case. I know personally, I hate feeling on the spot if I have forgotten cash and should really be leaving a tip for someone that has done me a service. Another alternative (or addition!) to tipping for ride sharing services is to leave the driver a positive, glowing review. Drivers rely on that to gain more customers and get a leg up on the competition of other drivers. More often than not individuals will always choose to request a ride from a driver who has had more positive ratings and good written reviews left by customers. Sometimes, that can actually be more beneficial than a cash tip as it helps broaden our potential customer base and fares in the future.

Having been in not only this industry but other service industries as well, I always try to put myself in the other persons shoes when it comes to considering IF I should leave and tip and how much to leave. I tend to err on the side of kindness and recognize that those in the service industry are often working exceptionally long hours and are often on their feet or doing the jobs that not many others want to do. So please, the next time you get picked up at your door and dropped off at your destination safely and in a timely fashion… show them your appreciation accordingly in the form of a tip!

Written by Jason

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