One of the great advances of the gig economy is the ability to share resources in order to perform certain tasks, such as not needing to own a car because you can share a ride with someone else who owns a car. Ride-sharing is a great innovation and as a customer it is important to remember a few key things to respect your driver and to make the ride easier for both of you.

Be prompt, it is a disrespect to your driver if they have to wait for you before they take you somewhere. Their income depends on being efficient with pickups and drop offs and waiting for you to pack a bag or say farewells is time wasted for them. Make sure you confirm your driver and car before you get in as this is important for your safety as well as your driver’s time. Once you confirm your driver, open your own car door, get your stuff into the car and sit in a spot kitty corner from your driver, so your driver can hear your instructions. FInally, don’t leave a mess in your driver’s car, when you are using a ride-share service, the car your driver is using is her own car, making a mess means they have to pay for cleaning. Ride-sharing can be a pleasant experience if you respect your driver as drivers often have interesting stories.

Every new service takes some time to develop the proper protocol for behavior. Courteous ride-sharing behavior is essential to keep the industry going as people will not continue being ride-share drivers if they have to pay part of their earnings as a driver to cleaning up unnecessary messes caused by passengers. As a user, it is always important to be responsible.


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