Tips are a big part of your earnings as an Uber driver. If they’re not, let’s fix that.

If you’ve ever used cabs regularly, you undoubtedly have some weird cabbie stories. Whether it was apathetic cabbie, sullen cabbie, possibly mentally ill cabbie or my personal favorite, openly hostile cabbie, you remember every uncomfortable second of those rides unless you’ve had to block them for emotional reasons. Regardless, you probably didn’t tip any of those folks very well. Let’s talk about how you can avoid being the most uncomfortable part of someone’s day.

Be Cool

Sounds simple, but it can be tough at times especially when your passengers are pushing seventy proof and asking you to change the station every ten seconds. Hang on to your humanity like grim death and kill them with kindness. Change that station as many times as they want. If they want to swing by a taco place, burger place and Thai place because they can’t make up their minds, do it.

Be Attentive

Read your passengers and act accordingly. Do they want to talk? Are they running late? Are they wiping their nose on their sleeve and need a tissue? If they’re having a problem, you be the solution. Passengers notice and appreciate being treated thoughtfully.


Okay maybe don’t bribe them, but offering a little something to get them through their journey doesn’t hurt. It might be candy, a bottle of water, anything really that will make you stand apart from the last driver they had. You also don’t have to break the bank in the process. A quick trip to any dollar store will allow you to restock your bribe box for just a few bucks.

Don’t be a Cabbie

There’s a reason your passenger isn’t in a cab. Help with their luggage, open their door, ask if they need anything and basically treat them like a date. Keep your car clean. You be clean and presentable. Basically think about every aspect of riding in a cab that’s off putting and make sure you’re doing the opposite.

Stand Out

Just like how scary, possible axe murderer cabbie sticks with you, so do the drivers that go out of their way to make your ride awesome. I jumped in a cab once and was greeted by the sound of opera music. A minute into the ride the driver starts singing along. He had the most incredible voice and sang like I wasn’t even there. The ride somehow ended perfectly in time with the music. He got a great tip. You don’t have to be a retired opera singer, but if you’ve got a talent you’d think others might enjoy, not juggling, consider sharing it and giving them a great story to tell their friends.

Never Ask

This is the last piece of advice to be offered and it can be a polarizing one. I know some drivers that flat out ask for tips when settling up. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s as tacky as a waitress holding out her hand as you leave the restaurant. I can’t think of a worse way to make a final impression and nearly insure a poor rating. Think twice before doing this.

Written by Ryan

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