Why would anyone want to be an Uber driver?

I have a regular job. In my spare time I enjoy being an Uber driver. Why? Because it gives me a lot more spending money, for one thing.

I like doing things that make me money while I’m enjoying myself. Sometimes, on a holiday weekend I might average up to $50 an hour. Easy money? You bet!

I’m a people person. Mostly I get people who are interesting to talk to. Quite often I find I’ve learnt something new while meeting someone who is a nice person.

I enjoy being my own boss. Working for Uber puts me in the driver’s seat. As an Independent Contractor I stand to make money, while getting tax deductions. I work the hours that suit me and enjoy doing what I’m doing. I know that the more hours I work, the more money I can make. How many people do you know who can say that? Most of the people I know are stuck behind a desk and are stressed out in jobs they don’t enjoy.

When I bought my car I didn’t think that it would be making money for me. It’s a nice car. I find I really like it a lot more now that it’s making me more money. The fun part is my car makes me money while saving me money on taxes. The big plus is that it also allows me to combine business with pleasure. I can take a longer trip to drop someone off and catch up with relatives and friends at the same time. I do that quite often. It’s good for my social life!

How much do I make? Mostly I average around $35 per hour. That’s gross. If I average around 20 hours per week I can add up to $2000 to my income per month. It beats sitting on the couch watching TV in my spare time. $2000 is good money to make as a second income.

The upside is that I don’t have time to drink, so I stay healthy. I have fun meeting people. I’m never bored. I can tell you my passengers sometimes are more interesting and entertaining than anything they’ve got on TV. And it’s live!

If you’re a student working your way through college becoming an Uber driver might work for you. If you enjoy driving this is a great way to make money doing something you love.

Here are some tips if you are considering driving for Uber. Make sure you read the rules and stick to them. Make sure you’ve got a phone charger in the car. Be flexible. You can get a call at any time. To be an Uber driver you need to have a car that’s less than 10 years old. Invest in a good data package on your smartphone, and get a good phone charger. You also need a clean driving license and record.

Written by Jason

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