Being an Uber driver has many perks. I mean let’s be real, if it didn’t, why would so many people decide to use it to reel in a little extra cash? Having said that, being an Uber driver comes with its own set of disadvantages as well, such as wear and tear on your car and high gas fare that takes a toll on your bank account. However, with a few tips and tricks, these disadvantages can be made up for. One extra special tip that can help you maximize the amount of money you make as an Uber driver includes avoiding takeout food. As an Uber driver, it’s easy to rely on a quick drive through to hit the spot and fill you up until your next meal, but relying on take out is a good way to waste time and money. By keeping snacks and water handy, you can stay fueled and hydrated, maximizing your drive time and limiting the amount of money that you are spending during your shift.

Another hack that helps to make more money as an Uber driver involves ignoring Uber’s texts. As a driver, you may receive texts from Uber, attempting to give you a heads up about high demand areas. However, these texts often lead drivers to flock to an area, increasing competition among drivers. One driver found that staying put actually increased the amount of money they made. Related to this is a tip about how to take advantage of the surge fares that are unlocked after a certain time every night (i.e. typically when the bars close). By logging out of the app 15 minutes before surge fares kick in, you avoid getting locked in by a passenger moments before the surge fares are active.

Another useful tip that you can take advantage of as a driver to make more money is avoiding driving around endlessly. Many drivers do this in order to search for their next passenger. However, staying put doesn’t mean you won’t be found. Finding a good spot to hang out in until your next ride will also prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your car that some drivers have to face from endless amounts of driving.

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