Fast food delivery is a booming industry now that people can order anything online or through apps on smart devices. What used to be just the local pizza guy is now the Korean BBQ guy or Vegan Salad guy or Cajun Pulled Pork guy. Although there is a great need for delivery drivers, it’s still a pretty low paying job especially when you factor in the petrol and insurance cost and the wear and tear on your vehicle.

The one saving benefit of the job, apart from the fact that it’s pretty easy to get one, is that the tips can be all right. Here are 5 ideas to take your tips to the next level.

1. Attitude

People will tip you more if you are happy, friendly and polite. Apologize for mistakes in the order or the delivery, but only take personal responsibility for mistakes that you actually made.

2. Presentation

Before you leave on each delivery check how you look. Cover stains with a jacket. Wear an apron when in the store to protect your uniform as much as possible. Even if you don’t have a uniform, wear a neat clean shirt and decent quality pants. Wash your work uniform between shifts.

Shower before you go to work, shave if necessary and always brush your teeth. Wear perspirant and take it to work with you for tough ups when you can. If you are a smoker, chew gum to freshen your breath after cigarettes.

3. Make it easy for them to tip you

Make sure the customer has smaller notes, so they are more likely to tip you. For instance if you are giving five dollars change, give five one dollar bills, it will make the customer more likely to hand back some of it.

Make at least one of the dollar bills you are handing over as nasty as possible, so they are less likely to want it. Lick you thumb to count out the change and very often they’ll give that top note back. Or take one note and screw it up, rub it, tear it, put in the dirt, stand on it. You are likely to get that one back as a tip.

There are new apps being developed that give the customer an ewallet, or the ability to tip electronically. Encourage your boss to get involved with this system and it allows people to tip in a world where they increasingly don’t carry cash.

4. Encourage return customers

Repeat customers are more likely to be tippers. Make them feel valued and they will use your service again. Call them by name. Wherever possible carry coupons and hand them over for future use, act as though it is at your discretion.

5. Prep for late deliveries

If you have an order that’s going to be late, call the customer and explain (wherever possible blame someone other than yourself). This gives them time to cool down before you arrive at the door. It can be a good idea to jog to the door and appear out of breath and rushed as though you’ve done everything possible to get that one person’s delivery to them as quickly as possible.


A lot of people don’t know how to tip a delivery driver. Make it as easy as possible for the customer to tip you. Bottom line is you should make sure the customer remembers you, but make it for positive reasons. And remember in an electronic age, you should make cashless tipping a priority.


Written by Ryan

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