Retail workers have a difficult position in terms of trying to keep their store maintained as well as serving customers. There are certain behaviors which can be really irritating to deal with, but as a retail worker, you have to keep a happy face and then vent in the back room later. Working at a small shop in a large mall invites some interesting interactions and difficult customers. What follows are some of the best interactions from this store.


Teenagers coming into the shop who obviously only want samples and then complain about the samples not having enough sugar. Unfortunately, being a store which serves drinks, teenagers often visit the store without the intent to buy. Again if you plan to window shop, just say so, it irritates the workers much less if you are honest about not buying, especially if you say you are browsing for the future.

The Homeless, the Religious, and the Stalkers

Homeless people who want high fives, religious people trying to lure workers to their church, and stalkers are all customers who mill through the store on a regular basis.

Replacing Employees

Discounted merchandise is only so much relief and workers are hard to retain. One person in this store my partner worked at had to wait six months to get demoted because she needed more flexible hours as she had a full time job but they could not hire anyone qualified to stay in the position. Three weeks after she finally got demoted, they had to raise her back up to supervisor because they lost the person who they had just hired.


Retail workers have a great deal of difficulties which they have to engage. Crazy schedules, awkward customer interactions, corporate bureaucracy and inefficiencies are just some of the problems retail workers face.

I am just glad I only have to hear these stories after my partner comes home and I don’t have to live them myself.

Written by Jennifer

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