The United States of America, a wonderful country full of devoted and hardworking people, attracts a lot of visitors each year. These visitors to the US are often puzzled about the right amount to tip for the service. They are always thinking if they are paying the right amount as a tip for the service they acquired. Valet services are found easily in US and people in the US, even the visitors tip the hotel valet driver for their services.

After the analysis of more than a million transactions across the US, it was revealed that Alaska, Arkansas, and North Carolina paid the highest average tips for valets, with 17%, 16.9%, and 16.8% respectively. Delaware, Hawaii and South Dakota were the three cities with the lowest average tips with 14%, 15.1 and 15.3% respectively of the total amount of the tips. For other hospitality services like waiters, bartenders, cleaners, etc., these figures do not divert much. These figures are almost the same in other states of the United States of America, showing there is no mean deviation in these figures.

These statistics are not 100% accurate because these are based on credit transactions only. For the sake of accuracy, cash transactions should also be taken into account to give a more precise result. However, we can say that these cities pay the highest tips from their credit cards. In some resorts, services of valet parking are available. A large number of people use these services but there are also some people who do not trust the valet driver for their cars. Reasons can be different but in most cases, the reason is the harsh driving of the hotel valet drivers.

Being a valet driver, it becomes difficult at times to win the trust of the customers at first. They are hesitant to hand us over the keys of their cars because of past experiences. What customers do not see is that there are other cars in the waiting area too. Having a limited number of valet drivers, it becomes hard to serve quickly. A valet driver has to drive fast but carefully to serve all the customers.

Average tip in the United States ranges from $2 to $3, but there are times when a valet driver makes $5 to $6. These average figures are increasing because of the improvements valet services have shown in recent times. It depends on the level of satisfaction and concern a hotel valet services provide to the customers. In some states, people leave tip 61% of the times, however, in other states this figure comes down to 38%. There could be an income factor of the people but the reason for such big gap is unknown. Even the analysts could not justify the reason for such big variance.

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