To be a Valet attendant you must be able to be quick, responsive and pleasant. Your duties include being entrusted with different client’s cars, which means you must be equipped to handle the different car models. Another tip before applying to be a valet attendant is to make sure that your driving record and insurance are up to standards, i.e. you should have no points on your license. Make sure you have checked the requirements associated with the job, such as how comfortable you are with driving an automatic or manual and or how knowledgeable you are of the different technologies that are associated with the different cars.

Once you successfully completed the application and interview process and you get the job as a valet attendant, you should make sure that before you start you understand what your responsibilities and duties will be.

  1. Make sure that you accurately demonstrate your employer’s culture, vision, values and goals in the execution of your daily duties;
  2. Park and retrieve the customer’s vehicle in a timeous, respectful and careful manner;
  3. Makes sure a legally suitable velvet ticket has been completed and filled out for every customer’s vehicle;
  4. Make sure that you provide continuously provide 4 – 5-star service according to AAA guidelines;
  5. Makes sure the valet parking lots are clean;
  6. Report any need for maintenance within the parking lots of the garages;
  7. Ensure that there is continued compliance with all the GPI policies and procedures;
  8. Ensure that a car is parked as soon as it is in the drop off area;
  9. Make sure that you are courteous to all customers as they drop-off or pick up their vehicles.
  10. Give support when it is needed to assure that there is exclusive guest service and several other duties and responsibilities that will make you more than just a competent Valet attendant.


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