Let me clue you in on something that valets deal with everyone. People acting like they are better than them or that they do not even exist. For your information, just because I park your car does not mean I do not have an education or that I have no idea how to drive your car. Here are several things that you can do to ensure you have a positive valet experience, because if you treat valets like they are beneath you…there is no guarantee as to what could be happening with your car!

Shift Switch

Valets often switch out and or go on break. In the same way, a valet that works the night shift may not be on shift when you pick up your car the next morning. For this reason, you should consider tipping beforehand and not just when you pick up your car. In doing so, you also show your appreciation for their service and are more likely to have your car treated with respect by both, the person parking it and retrieving it. While it seems like common sense, valets actually prefer you just remove all of your valuables before exiting the car. While the majority of valets would never steal from a customer’s vehicle…we just do not want to invite the responsibility of protecting someone’s valuables in the car. (And we don’t protect them, just so you know.) Please remove them and save us all the headache.

Damages Happen

Damages happen. Let’s be honest. There have been valets that will joyride with your car and use it for their own personal needs while you believe it is safely parked away. In an effort to keep your vehicle safe, mark down the condition of the vehicle before you leave it with the valet. Have them initial the write up. Accountability will ensure that your car is handled with care and not taken advantage of. In addition to that- ALWAYS check for damages before driving away. Once you leave, there is legally nothing you can do to hold them liable for the damages. While I wholeheartedly believe that all valets should know how to drive automatic AND manual (to minimize damages to manual vehicles), that’s just not the case. If possible- do not valet your manual vehicle. Unless you can verify that there is a valet that can drive a manual transmission vehicle and has experience, your car may be being used as a test subject and taking a beating because of it.

Tips Welcome!

Tipping valets in general is usually a topic of conversation. Just know before you tip that valets are just like any other service industry worker. They make majority of their living through tips. So usually only receiving one dollar is disappointing. Especially when you consider a person’s vehicle is usually their second most important or prized possession. Seems to be worth a bit more, doesn’t it? And again, it seems worth reiterating that your valets are people too. They deserve to be treated with respect just as you would wish to be treated. You never know someone’s circumstance, and valets definitely work hard and in bad weather!

Keep these things in mind the next time you go to valet your car and you will have a better experience.







Written by Ryan

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