The word hospitality sounds almost glamorous, and at the very least it doesn’t sound vulgar or disgusting. Oh how wrong we all were…getting ourselves into this industry with dreams of glamor or helping people who are grateful for our help. The definition of hospitality is ”The quality or disposition of receiving and treating guests and strangers in a warm, friendly, generous way.” Notice how that all seems pretty one sided? Yeah, I think most of us just assumed those guests and strangers we were helping would reciprocate, at least in part, that gesture. Oh how wrong we all were. Over the years the amount of horror stories from myself and fellow hospitality employees would cause even the strongest individuals to fold and throw in the towel.

  • I have had guests call the front desk to complain that the nature outside was too loud and if I could “turn it down?” Ummm, no. I cannot remove all of the wildlife from the premises, move the ocean, or install soundproofing around the entire facility. Especially when that is actually what attracts most guests to our location! To top it off, to be personally offended that your request would not be catered to at this very second was just too much for me to handle.
  • On more than one occasion there have been guests angry that I could not predict the exact weather weeks from the current date. I offer to look up the forecast on the weather channel but that never seems to be enough. They are furious I cannot guarantee them good weather for their trip. I’m sorry I don’t control the weather?
  • We have had staff members blamed for “stealing” items from guest rooms that they would have no reason to steal. Nothing really of monetary value…just things like chargers or swimsuits etc. The calls the front desk gets of guests screaming about the theft and demanding free stays or having employees fired are absolutely ridiculous. More often than not the guest finds the item they misplaced before they leave anyway. Do we ever receive an apology? NO. Definitely not.
  • Let’s not even get into full detail about the amount of incidents regarding bodily fluids and excretions that we run into all too frequently. *shudders*

It doesn’t take much for us to feel appreciated at the front desk. A simple please or thank you and a kind smile usually does just fine! Occasionally guests drop off little treats or leave glowing reviews and kind words with management, all of which just make us thrilled and usually is the highlight of our day/week. Just a few thoughts to keep in mind the next time you stay in a hotel!

Written by Ryan

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