After a long week of meetings in London, along with a quick flight to Poland for some wedding planning, we have finally settled down for some holiday sun in the magical Island of Ibiza. We are here for 4 nights and I have planned on quite an itinerary but am also really looking forward to some consistent sleep as the jetlag has finally worn off. We decided to go with an AirBNB as I have heard the hotels on the island can get very expensive. Since we landed, I have been getting a Vegas-meets-Miami vibe. Every corner is plastered with a billboard, but instead of Cirque De Soleil shows, they are all nightclub advertisements with Europe’s biggest DJs. Literally 100’s of Djs are playing from 100 person to 4,000 person venues. The party here seems to start at 3am and ends around 7am. I had a small convo with a bartender before we checked in, and there was a 10% service charge added to the bill. When I asked him if this was his tip, he said that the owners of the bar keep anything that isn’t cash. Not sure if he was trying to make an extra cash tip or if he was telling me the truth. He said it’s like this around the entire island. I plan on investigating tonight…..Stay Tuned!

— TheTipster

Written by Jason

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