As our trip comes to an end, we have two more nights in Mykonos. Such an interesting island (where tipping seems to be expected due to the large amounts of tourists). Nothing like the white soft sands of Mexico, large rock formations and pebble beaches. It seems like the island really gained its popularity with Americans in the last few years.


I must say I did expect Mykonos to be a little bit more economical. Bottle service at the nightclubs start at €400 (euros) and go all the way to €10k. The waiters here had no shame in asking for tips even though it was not included in the bill nor was there a tip line. There is a large gap between income and the cost of living here. For example, a friend who had joined us from Athens is an Orthopedic surgeon and his salary is €1k per month!


mykonos-hotel-beachbarA regular lunch in Mykonos for a large group can range from €500 to €2k, yet a waiter’s salary for one month is €300-€400.

So, needless to say, there are not many Greeks vacationing here on the island. I’m not sure who exactly is making the large spreads on the pricing and the actual service. Downtown Mykonos is filled with high-end shops like Louis Vuitton, Rolex, and Patek Philippe.

We were expecting something more traditional and authentic, I guess. Seems like the St. Tropez of Greece. Looking forward to a more economical and authentic experience the next couple of days and getting back stateside.


Written by Ryan

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