10 Best Tips from Professional Housekeepers

Those of us who do not use maid services for cleaning our houses, silently wish we had or at least had a window look at how the professionals do it. Well look no further, here are just ten tips straight from the experts on what you can do when you are cleaning your house.

1. Decrease the Clutter

Experts advise that when they clean any space, their point of origin is removing the biggest and most obvious mess within the space.

2. Remember to Use a Toothbrush

A toothbrush is an easy, quick, handy and inexpensive cleaning utensil that can be used to reach hard to reach corners.

3. Microfiber Cloths

These types of cloths are the best option when cleaning, good alternatives are cloths that are 100% cotton and or old tee-shirts or pillowcases.

4. Always do the Bathroom Last

Doing the bathroom last removes the likelihood of cross-contamination, it is also advisable to use different cloths for the bathrooms.

5. Use Cleaner Products

You can use home-made cleaning solvents but store bought products work just the same. When you use them it is advisable that once you spray a surface you should leave it to soak before wiping away.

6. Drapes

Instead of vacuuming the drapes, try hitting the drapes with a towel then vacuuming the dirt of the floor.

7. Vacuuming

Try vacuuming and then mopping. When you vacuum you should vacuum over the most walked on parts and then vacuum behind you as you walk out.

8. Electronics

Use a dry microfiber cloth to wipe of any electronic screens.

9. Showerhead

Tie a bag full of vinegar around the showerhead to dissolve any build up dirt.

10. New House Smell

Using all natural cleaning products will not leave your house with a chemical odour.


Original article posted on June, 28 2016 at 13 Time-Saving Cleaning Tips From The Housekeeping Pros

Written by Jennifer

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