Never flown Spirit Airlines before? Here are some great tips by Peter Thornton on AirfareWatchdog.com on how to fly Spirit and enjoy the experience without a lot of headaches (and high expectations):

Before You Book with Spirit Airlines

Know that Spirit is an ultra-low-cost-carrier (ULCC) so the amenities and conveniences offered by other major airlines won’t compare. Get to know Spirit’s business model before you book with the airline. Read more here.
How to Book a Flight with Spirit Airlines
From booking fees (like booking at the airport counter vs. online = cheaper), baggage fees, membership discounts (yes, Spirit has a membership option), etc. — get to know the fees structure to save you the headache of surprise fees when you check-in.
Extra Fees on Spirit Airlines During the Booking Process
Skip ‘extra fees’ options provided during your flight reservation process if you want to avoid fees. Fees like carry-on baggage (a personal item like a purse or a small backpack is free, additional carry-ons cost money on Spirit), pre-selection of your seats, etc. can add up. Learn what these extras can be here.
Check-In for a Spirit Airlines Flight
Decided to pay for your extra luggage? Pay it online vs. at the airport! It costs extra to check bags in with Spirit at the airport. And self check-in at the kiosk vs. an agent at the airport if you didn’t get a chance to check-in 24 hours in advance online. There’s a fee for that too.
Boarding a Spirit Airlines Flight
Free bag check-ins at the gate? Not an option with Spirit. To avoid paying an exorbitant $65 at-gate bag fee, make sure your bag is small and carry it (don’t wheel it in). Make it “look small.” You may get away with it.
The Spirit Airlines Inflight Experience

In-flight experience expectations? Keep them low. Again, this is an ultra-low-cost-carrier airline. You’re not going to get much amenities on the flight. No wifi or inflight entertainment, and seats don’t recline. If you’re a tall person, you may want to pay extra for the “Big Front Seat” option.
In conclusion, Spirit isn’t for those who like to travel luxuriously or ultra comfortably. It’s for the ones who want save a buck. Bon voyage!

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