After a few days of downtime of being home in Chicago, I am on the road again with my business partner. We have made our way to Mexico City.

Such a massive metropolis with a huge distinction in wealth distribution. There are professionals working in offices making $400 USD per month, teachers with salaries around $600 per a month. The UberX ride this morning from Chicago to ORD was $40. In comparison, my UberX ride from the Mexico City airport to downtown was only $7. My average UberX fare to get around this city has been between $2.00-$3.00 USD. It’s insane how cheap labor can be!

With an unofficial population of over 25M, Mexico City is hustling and bustling at its seams. I had some downtime and we went to an area called Polanco which is considered one of the nicer, more expensive neighborhoods within the city. We walked into a shopping mall filled with stores like YSL, Fendi, Dior, Ferragamo, and Cartier.

tip-mailboxMy wife loves tea, so I justified spending $50 on 20 tea bags at thehouseoftea, which reminded me of a london tea room. There was no tip line on the receipt but there was a little mailbox in front of the register for cash tips.

Written by Jason

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