Serving is a dangerous profession sometimes. The amount of sharp, flaming, or otherwise dangerous objects I have to carry on a nightly basis is astounding. I am grateful that our staff is well-trained. However, we have had some accidents occur and some nasty trips to the Emergency Room. This story is the worst of those experiences and it happened to my best friend. Luckily he lived, but this story is a reminder of how fragile life can be.

The night starts as an average night, tips are okay and the pace is steady throughout the night. About an hour before close I hear a crash and the sound of something hitting the wall. I walk briskly to the back to see what had happened. My friend had collapsed on the floor and there was a knife lodged in his foot. He was screaming in agony and there was so much blood. I have never seen so much blood in my life. We called for an ambulance right away. The ambulance took awhile to get there and I started thinking, “in an instant a night at the restaurant can change, as well as a friend’s life.” The ambulance arrived and said my friend had suffered from exhaustion to the point of passing out and dropped the knife on his foot by accident. Luckily the knife wound in his foot was not infected or more serious. He made a full recovery and thank goodness for worker’s comp.

ER trips are scary at any time, but especially at work, because of the quick adjustments needed to help alleviate the situation. However, if a staff is well trained, a medical emergency can be a bonding experience, even in the midst of great trial.

Written by Jennifer

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