A Bartender’s Diary

It’s great being around people who are having a good time. I like seeing people coming in to celebrate. Once in a while, I’ll see a couple (friends or partners) who aren’t having such a great time and it can get uncomfortable; but for the most part- I love the buzz I get from tending the bar.

I love that bartending is a craft. There is so much that I can learn about the history of each drink I mix; the story behind it. I also like sharing what I’ve learnt. If it’s a slow evening and you ask, I’d enjoy telling you the history of your drink, or about the new cocktail I just invented.

I like getting ready to go to work. No two evenings are the same. Sometimes, I’m your entertainer. Sometimes, I’m the one you talk to about your broken heart. Sometimes, you tell me something new and interesting about where you’ve been or what you’ve seen. I enjoy meeting new people every evening.

I love that my job isn’t one that keeps me sitting behind a desk all day. I love that it keeps me active physically (and mentally). I love that my work is fun. Do you matter? Yes you do. You add interest to my life!

I enjoy working on creating new cocktails and putting them together with the color, garnish and glassware all going together. There’s an art to the craft of creating a drink. I enjoy creating them, and love watching you enjoy them. It’s the greatest compliment.

I like that I’ve got a circle of regulars who like to turn up when I’m on my shift. I enjoy it when someone appreciates the way I’ve worked by complimenting me on my bartending skills, or leaving me a generous tip.

Do the hours bother me? Not really, because I have fun doing what I do. I have job satisfaction knowing that I’ve added something to people’s evenings.

Do I enjoy the money? Of course! Did you know that a bartender in New York can make up to $70,000 a year working just 30 hours a week? (Don’t be fooled though, the minimum wage is practically nothing. Most of it comes from tips.) Trade secret!

Best part though? I enjoy making people feel good about themselves. Part of being a successful bartender is knowing how to get people to like you; to give them a positive vibe that lifts their mood.

Do I flirt? Sometimes. A little harmless flirting never did anyone any harm, right? We’re all here to have a good time. That includes me too. 🙂

I like it when someone comes to the bar and asks me to make a recommendation on what to drink. It’s fun finding what type of alcohol they like and creating something different for them.

I get a kick out of the numerous stories I’ve watched taken place right before my eyes. I’ve seen romances start when he buys her a drink. I’ve seen friends celebrate a birthday and have the best time. I’ve helped someone propose to his girlfriend. Holidays are the best; everybody is celebrating and the atmosphere is electric. It makes it worth working the holiday hours.

And yes, I like having someone buying me a drink occasionally (when I can drink on the job or when I’m getting off). It’s a thoughtful gesture and is genuinely appreciated. I’d never have that in a regular office job!


Written by Jason

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