Getting good tips can be very difficult as a server. Customers have a lot of needs and being precise can be difficult when a restaurant is busy. Thus, good tips are always a positive experience as they are rare. I have two experiences of getting good tips.

The 5-Hour Guests

One was for a two-top I was serving who wanted to watch the NFL Draft. This two-top was nice but in my booth for 5.5 hours. They were not overly loud but watching the TVs intently. After the draft was just about over, I went to hand over the bill at the table. They paid separately and each person gave about a 50% tip. For each of them having a bill of $30+ dollars, the tip for the table ended up being $35. I acknowledged them after I rang everything up and I heard them talking about how it was the least they could do for taking up my table all night.

The Generous Businessmen

My other experience of receiving a great tip was receiving a 75% tip from a group of businessmen. Admittedly I was very surprised by this tip as businessmen are not always the greatest of tippers. They appreciated being able to small talk and that I would take a few moments to listen to their ideas for pitches and market trends. On a $350 bill, this tip was very generous, especially as companies normally only allot a 10-15% allowable tipping expense on reports. I was able to get ahead on my bills and start an investment account.

Tips are not always great, but these two situations help me see that some people understand the difficulty of my position and can respond accordingly.

Written by Jason

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