After a terrible experience of staying in a villa for the last couple of nights in Mykonos, we have checked out and moved in to a beautiful hotel on the beach. The villa was either falsely advertised or just really well photoshopped. The marketing materials stated it had the capacity to hold 16 people, however upon check-in, the only fridge in the house was the size of a mini bar fridge in a standard hotel room. The kitchen was in one of the bedrooms and was probably the size of an RV kitchen. The showers, I’m almost positive, were shooting out salt water from the pool. The staff was friendly and they probably didn’t know any better. I blame Airbnb and the owner (who no one seemed to get a hold of).

Anyways, on to the next adventure for our last two nights in Mykonos. Hippie Chic Hotel is the way to go! A small beach boutique hotel, great vibe, very bohemian and more our speed.

hippie chic hotel - nightview

hippie chic hotel 2Check it out at We are absolutely in love with this place! Wish we would have spent the whole stay here. As of yesterday, we said we would never come back to Mykonos, and here we were here today— loving it! We ordered everything from Sushi, to fresh grilled lobster, baklava and even a hookah.

The staff is great, but one particular person really interested us. His name is Jay (changed for anonymity purposes), and he is from Bangladesh. He is basically the ‘grounds keeper’ and the person that prepares the hookah. We could tell he was not Greek so we did some investigating. After a few puffs of our hookah and a few cocktails, we requested him over to our table and asked where he was from, and how he ended up in Mykonos. Jay has been in Mykonos for 5 years. He initially went from Bangladesh to Dubai to work during the Dubai boom of 2002-2009. Once arriving in Dubai, the employment agency took his passport untill he paid back the debt that he owed for his work visa, plane tickets, and other expenses.  However, he arrived towards the end of the economic boom and more towards the collapse of mismanaged new construction projects and companies and buildings going under as quickly as they rose. He quickly realized that the company that originally hired him was out of business and with his passport. He needed to track down the Bangladesh Embassy, buy a new passport and a flight back. But at that point he had no intention of going back to Bangladesh, so he continued to look for work. He slowly made his way out of Dubai to Oman to Turkey, and eventually found himself on a small boat to Greece. However, with no passport or immigration papers, he has been working illegally in Mykonos. The real problem is that even though he has saved up enough money now and wants to visit his family, there is no Bangladesh Embassy in Greece. So he is basically stuck there or has to try and sneak out of the country and make his way back which would require tens of thousands of dollars. Shocked and curious to hear more of his story, we proceeded to ask him how much he gets paid. He said it ranges between €20-30 (euros) a day. Based on my previous post of the orthopedic surgeon that only makes €1k a month, I thought that wasn’t a bad deal. Then, he proceeded to tell us that he only gets paid during the 4-5 months of tourist season. The other 6 or 7 months, he doesn’t get paid but he is provided with shelter and one meal a day. We were literally having a conversation with a victim of human trafficking at such a beautiful high-end hotel and island. We obviously gave him a large cash tip of about €100 and wished him the best of luck. He was in good spirits and has been catering to us since.

I debated if I should’ve talked to the manager of the hotel but was nervous if would make things worse for Kamal?!?!?!? Such a stark contrast in living standards…

— TheTipster

Written by Jason

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