Happiness with friends? Put away that phone.

With the expansion of digital media and outreach, we’re finally starting to realize the impact of always being lost on our phones and how it affects real-life experiences. Everyone seems to be talking about disconnecting digitally, or doing a “digital detox,” but few are really doing it. What happened to truly enjoying the gorgeous setting of a restaurant or a venue with our family and friends, and having intergenerational exchanges at dinner? The constant distraction from our phones during a meal breaks this mood.

As more restaurants ban cell phones, here’s a surprising reason to keep them off the table. “If you’re feeling less than happy after spending quality time with family and friends who have been nothing but delightful, blame your phone.” That’s the conclusion of a study published in February the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. “People feel a little bit more distracted when phones are in the mix and this seems to undermine the enjoyment that people derived when they spent time with people they care about,” said co-author Elizabeth Dunn, a University of British Columbia psychology professor. Read more about this study on MarketWatch.com here.


Written by Jennifer

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