It’s well known that there is no hospitality like good ole Southern hospitality. Southern hospitality, unlike other, gracefully met at the door. It’s like a warmth that’s already in the room when you walk into it. You don’t have to worry if you will get good customer service because you’re greeted with joy and sweetness when entering. There are several reasons why southern hospitality is considered the best.

You can say that southern people manners are way better than anybody else’s because they’re trained that way at an early age. They’re trained discipline and stability as young children. They are taught politeness and good courtesy toward others. Treat others the way you would want to be treated and treat others with grace. Do things in order and decency.

Southern hospitality is also derived from Patience. Patience is a key toward how you treat people. When you rush you’re not going to take the time and get to know the person. Down south, everything is at a slower pace. No one is rushing and there’s time to get to know people and simply speak. In big cities, everything is moving fast and there are buses, trains, and traffic and everyone’s in a hurry. People don’t stop to realize that it’s okay to speak to the person who walks on the same path.

Having patience with others helps the customer feel at ease and safe in your hands. They’re more comfortable and feel at home. Patience can help the customers not feel like a servant is rushing them or irritable with them. It also shows a sense of humanity.

Humbleness falls in with patience and the two definitely work together. Having humbleness gives you a tough skin and able to handle any difficulties. Southern hospitality shows humbleness because the south has endured a lot since back in the days. From slavery to segregation, to racial profiling. The endurance of all of this has taught them humbleness and it shows in everything that they do. It teaches the sense of taking things down a polite route and a better way to handle things so they won’t get out of hand.

Another major quality, hospitality everywhere has to show is respect. Southern hospitality embodies respect for an individual and respect for their environment. Respect builds the foundation of the environment and keeps everything at peace and in order. Extend this respect to customers and see how your restaurant’s business booms.

Beyond respect, practice kindness. Kindness shows that you are genuinely happy to be of service to the customer. It creates the perception that you’re this person every day in and out. Showing kindness brings warmth and a sense of a family atmosphere.  No surprise there again that Southern people are really big on kindness. Down south, you usually have the large families and everyone knows each other. Which means that love is in the air. And I’m not talking about romantic love. When you’re surrounded by love from your neighbors, strangers, ande almost everyone you encounter during your day, your heart softens. Kindness is also contagious. One act of kindness leads to that person paying it forward to the next and so on.

These are the qualities of good southern hospitality. If all servers adopted these qualities for better customer service, I think we’d all be mighty happy all around.

— Southern Gal and a Server

Written by Jennifer

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