Ladies and gentlemen! As your servers, we GET that we are here to serve you and ensure that you have a pleasant experience with us…and that is what we want. However, that does not mean that you get to be disrespectful towards us or treat us as if we are beneath you. All of us are just trying to support ourselves and our families and generally do enjoy our jobs and meeting new people every day. So with that being said…here is a list of disrespectful things that happen way too frequently and that we would love to see stop happening in our daily lives.

  1. Talking on the phone and carrying a conversation with that person while calling me over to try and order. You say you are ready but usually…I end up standing there waiting for you.
  2. When I ask if you have been here before, promptly answer with “Oh yeah…I know the owner.” Let me be honest- if you actually KNEW the owner… we would have been notified of your reservation by the owner and told you were a personal friend. Trust me when I say that everyone and anyone who has ever met the owner tries to use that line. It does not get you anywhere other than already irritating your server.
  3. Calling me over and when I ask what I can get you guys, you promptly continue to look over the menu. Initially that’s fine- but when I let you know that that’s okay and I will just give you a few more minutes…you instantly tell me “No, no that’s okay we are ready.” And yet I continue to stand there, waste my time, and make my other tables suffer just to stand and wait on you while you look over the menu and decide at your own leisurely pace.
  4. Coming in one minute til the kitchen closes or right after the kitchen closes and being angry at the server that you cannot order food. You need to realize that the kitchen is closed…as in the staff is gone and all of the equipment is turned off! It just is not feasible to open the entire kitchen just so you can order fries. Sorry!
  5. Sitting at your table for HOURS after you have paid your check and have no intention of purchasing any other items. I am all for catching up, but you sitting at this table is actually costing your server money, The longer you sit there the longer that table cannot occupy paying customers. Please take this into consideration before you do this! There are many of options of places to go and catch up with a friend…if you are unsure you can always ask your server! I can guarantee that they will be more than happy to recommend a place to take your group too after your meal.

Overall, we just ask for respect and consideration when you are our guest for the evening. We would do the same to you and just ask for that in return. The golden rule after all is to treat others as you wish to be treated. We are all human.

Written by Emily

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