We’ve all got them. Pet peeves, warranted or not, are a fact of life. Part of our day to day activities and something that overall we all just have to grin and bear it and move on. Being in the service industry however…some of our pet peeves get repeated over and over again (sometimes on a daily basis!) by customers and it takes everything we have not to implode. Or explode. But alas, that would create a mess and is probably a co-workers biggest pet peeve so we wouldn’t want to do that, now would we? So without further ado- here are some of the biggest pet peeves from not only myself but other servers as well that have spent many years (maybe too many?) in the service industry.

  • Circling back to a table who needed a few more minutes to ask if they are ready to order. All say yes and eager to order. Ask the woman what she would like and she proceeds to hem and haw and ask to just skip to the next person for now. As I repeat that its okay and I can give them a few more minutes she replies that it’s okay and she will be ready to order by the time everyone else has. Inevitably, she is not. To go along with this is the table that says they are ready but when I ask what they would like the parent turns to the child and has a full on discussion on what they would like to eat, have for sides, and or drink. All of this could have saved me a headache if you just asked for a couple more minutes. After all, I do have an entire section of tables to serve. Time is money!
  • This is an IN HOUSE pet peeve. We’ve all been in this situation. Coworkers that always ask for your help when they are swamped either helping with their food service or help bussing tables but can literally never be bothered to return the favor when your section is swamped or you’re short staffed. This situation happens across the board in all establishments, so *sigh* it seems unavoidable. Some workers just do not seem to have the same work ethic as others and with the often high turnover rate that the service industry sees I doubt we will see a change in this in the near future.
  • People on their cell phones. I always want to give them time to finish their call before approaching them to take an order because, well, that is generally RUDE. However, I have had customers scream at me as to why I didn’t take their order sooner. When I explained that I didn’t want to interrupt their call they looked at me like I had three heads for expecting them to get off their phone whilst in a public restaurant, trying to enjoy a meal. I have also had a man answer his phone while in the middle of ordering. Incredibly rude to your server.

In general, most servers and bartenders wish that customers would just be aware of their surroundings and be courteous as well as treating their server etc like the human being they are and deserve!

Written by Ryan

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