We’re always asked by friends and family for the funniest, oddest, unusual requests that we see at the front desk of hotels. Well, here is a list of some of the top contenders!

  1. Variety of odd animal requests…from letting their exotic pet stay to having exotic pets imported into the room for whatever reasons.
  2. Specific number or colors of candies to be available at all times. (25 red and 30 blue M&Ms)
  3. Rubber duckies filling the bathtub
  4. Assistance purchasing illegal items (including drugs!)
  5. Heated goats milk to bathe in
  6. Enough ice to fill the bathtub to keep the penguins comfortable
  7. 100 pink plastic flamingos
  8. Storing hundreds of butterflies in our coolers
  9. Accommodations for the pig
  10. Pictures of celebrities in the rooms
  11. Pies in the room that eventually ended up EVERYWHERE in the room
  12. Bathtub filled with Jell-O
  13. Build a fort with the pillows and blankets before guest checked in
  14. Enough lube to last a lifetime stocked in the room
  15. Roses signed with a man’s name waiting for female guest each day
  16. Been asked to trade clothing with a guest
  17. Had guests ask me to call them by a celebrity name

This is just a snapshot of some of the odd and humorous request we get working hospitality. If you ever need a good laugh just ask anyone you know in this industry for some good stories…guarantee they will have some! I will say that most front desk staff and concierge actually look forward to small humorous requests as long as they are reasonable…they actually brighten up the day and make the staff laugh!

Written by Ryan

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