A tip should be a reflection of the service you received, so if you received awful service then of course you would not be expected to leave a great tip. But some people leave poor tips; or worse, no tips; for reasons which have nothing to do with the quality of service. Here are some ridiculous yet common excuses people have for leaving a lousy tip.

“I can’t afford it”

The tip should be considered part of the bill. If you can’t afford to tip 15-20% of the bill at wherever you are dining, you can’t afford to dine there. It is not the servers fault you chose to dine somewhere outside your means, and you are keeping them from serving someone who can afford to tip them, but instead they are waiting on you for free. Dine somewhere that you can afford the food as well as a decent tip.

“I only give God 10%, why do you deserve 15-20%”

This is common among the Sunday brunch crowd. They like to use the tithing argument. The problem is tithing refers to giving 10% of your entire income, which should be far more than 20% of your meal cost. The entire premise is flawed.

Issues beyond the Server’s Control

Servers do not cook your food. They do not control how busy the restaurant is or how long you had to wait. They cannot help what the restaurant carries or happens to be out of that day. Penalizing a server’s tip for these things makes no sense.

You Disagree with Their Personal Choices

This one may be the worst. Too often, people will refuse to tip a server simply because they suspect that they are of a religion or sexual orientation that they do not condone. Why is this any of your business? You are paying them for a service, and unless they start preaching to you at your table, this should be irrelevant and honestly none of your business.

It is very disheartening to work hard and not be rewarded for it, especially when you know you provided great service. What is even worse is when you check the receipt and find that not only did they not tip you, but they left a snide comment instead. Nobody wants to work their but off only to be rewarded with a passive aggressive note like “you need Jesus”. So if your server provided good services, don’t try to find an excuse not to tip.

Written by Ryan

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