Baristas have a great challenge in dealing with people before they’ve even had a chance to drink their first cup of coffee in the morning. Given the early hours and the challenge of serving groggy people, there are a few skills which are often overlooked when they are making their drinks. These skills are all the more impressive because baristas are up earlier than their customers and very few people like early mornings.

  • First, baristas have to excel at foam art. Foam art is essential to knowing the quality of the foam. If the foam was made well, it should stay in the shape that the barista made, if it doesn’t have the proper consistency, your drink is not going to turn out correctly. For those who care about the look of their drink, this is clearly important. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be thousands of photos and videos of #CoffeeArt on Instagram!
  • Second, employees at coffee chains have to go through intensive training before they can make coffee at the store. Baristas put in a lot of work to make your coffee.
  • Finally, making a perfect espresso shot is about timing and patience, espresso does not taste good if it is over or under steeped.

Baristas have a lot of talent and their skills are used at odd hours of the day. It is important to tip tip them a couple of dollars because they sacrifice their sleep and sanity to help you have sanity to deal with your day. As hard as it is, also try to be attentive, because the drinks they make aren’t as simple as pouring fountain drinks- they take time, the more prepared you are, the easier it will be for the barista to get you in and out of the coffee shop faster.

Source: Original article titled 13 Things Baristas Won’t Tell You here.

Written by Ryan

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