We all know that managers serve a purpose, and are an integral part of any business. We also know that the general public seems to think that just demanding to speak to a manager gets you special service or privilege. Well here is a public service announcement for those that seem to have that train of thinking. You will not. There will be no special treatment, you will not get to the head of the line, do not pass go or collect two hundred dollars. All that you will receive is most likely the same answer any other worker gave you as well as a flag in our system that you are a problem customer. Do you really want to be that customer that people run from, or have to make deals with other coworkers if they take you on instead? I certainly hope not. If you have a problem, you should take it up with the person directly in front of you. Chances are they have the leeway to offer you a solution that will make you happy (the same one the manager would give you if you insisted he or her come over) without having to burden the manager with stopping what they’re doing to have to deal with your issues when the first employee was wall equipped to handle the situation. Trust us- if there is something that can be done, but is out of the first employee’s hands, they will already be thinking and telling you that they will consult the manager to see what can be done for them. PLEASE take note of this is you are one of these customers. No employee wants a guest to have a bad experience at their establishment, and always wants you to become a repeat customer. Happy, repeat customers = guaranteed income…who wouldn’t want that?! If there is something simple that can be done to rectify a situation and make you happy you can rest assured that we also want that as the resolution. END RANT!

Written by Ryan

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