My restaurant. My rules. No phones allowed.

Today, 95% of Americans own some kind of a cell phone. Sharing photos your food on Instagram (and social media) have become the norm and a way to share your foodie experience with others. Restaurateurs are even encouraging this behavior by designing venues and menus with Instagram in mind.

Are we too connected to our phones? Are we allowing the usage of digital media to tarnish our physical and cerebral experiences? Quite a few restaurants (and chefs) are now cracking down on this and banning phones or encouraging putting them away while at dinner.

“A handful of restaurant operators, however, are going in the opposite direction and actively discouraging phone use at the table. The marketing ploy here is meant to appeal to diners that remember “the good ol’ days” when a shared meal was about conviviality and real-life conversation — not “the ‘gram.” Read full article on here.

Written by Jason

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